The power of sharing!

As I sit and tap out a few thoughts of the first year of Culture recruitment, the first year of being self employed, the first year of actual ‘freedom’ after 20 years in corporate world, I reflect on an amazing 12 months from a start up business, to a team of 8 and more to come, moving to a bigger office and publishing our first years accounts on companies house. Wow! And breathe…

The whole year for me resonated and stood out during our most recent quarterly HR best practice event.

A room full of senior HR leaders from a variety of industries and business sectors, who came at the expense of their own precious working time to meet peers in their industry, to listen to thought provoking content from amazing specialists in their field and most of all, to build relationships face to face with the thought of no reward other than to broaden their horizons, learn new skills and quench their thirst for the desire to gain knowledge. An amazing experience and one I’m looking forward to see develop further.

What struck me as I looked at the tables full of amazing people, was the combined knowledge in that room. Imagine all those skills and experience wrapped up into one person; imagine what an incredible being that person would be?!

And there it is – the power of sharing, talking, building relationships, always learning from one another, it can only be a good thing yet we see and hear everyday conversations from people and business’s who are totally closed and shielded about their day to day and knowledge. I’m not advocating giving up trade secrets of course, but extending a hand to other business’s and offering some advice. Costs nothing apart from time and you’ll be amazed at what comes back. The only reason we have managed to be where we are today after a year, is by sharing, collaborating, helping and offering support. And do you know what, it feels great.

Bring on year 2, I can’t wait…

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14th October

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