Terrible Interview experience

Only one person typically gets the job and therefore unfortunately only person tends to get a GREAT interview experience.

But what about the other 6 or 7 people interviewed who don’t land the job let alone the other 10 or 20 candidates briefed on the role though not progressed??  At best this is a massive missed positive brand experience and at worst a damaging horrific bit of PR in a world that’s getting smaller and smaller.

Clients – Remember when you were a candidate….…what experience would you want? What about everyone else who doesn’t get the job……. what experience of your brand have they had? (telephone call or Interview)

My advice to clients is please avoid these point & feedback:

  1. Massively protracted process’s – you know the ones which can last 6/7/8 weeks or years!
  2. I was made to wait 20 minutes+ to be Interviewed (Is this the norm they can expect as an employee?)
  3. The – “I don’t want to be here” interviewing body language/tone person with the crossed arms, or reading emails on their mobile (probably not the best person to represent your business to candidates)
  4. The Interview was over in 15 minutes and they asked me no questions about me at all
  5. The firing squad interrogation approach…. This doesn’t endear people to want to join your business
  6. No feedback for days/weeks…naturally this isn’t going to endear the person to the business and doesn’t send positive vibes
  7. If it’s a no that’s fine, though a little constructive feedback is all people generally want. Bad constructive news beats no news every time
  8. Don’t leave weeks between 1st / 2nd /3rd Interviews and be shocked when people have gone elsewhere
  9. Don’t say “its not a problem if they want our job they will wait”…they won’t so please don’t be shocked when you are back to square one 6/7 weeks later

*Remember you may be on the other side of the table at some point! So lets treat people as we wish to be treated*

In my next blog post I will share with you the v simply and possibly surprising things the best company’s do to give a brilliant brand experience…..and they cost nothing!

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12th November