If Digital Transformation and Change isn't on your agenda..... what is?

By its nature, technological advancement will continue to shift the boundaries of possibility and with each passing moment, our perception of limitation and what is the norm continues to be redefined. 

My recruitment journey started in the mid 90's, when CVs were posted to us, personal details were tipex'd out and and faxed to our clients with a covering letter. We had roller decks, hanging files and 2nd gen mobile phones so lunchtime and evening calls were the norm to reach candidates. Black books were actual books and Sat Navs were made of paper strewn out on the passenger seat...

Then the internet appeared in the corner of our office...... anyone remember Netscape Navigator?

Fast forward to 2019, voice enabled, smart CRM and integrated tech aggregates sales leads, automates marketing and admin processes and gives us 24/7 access to a global network of applicants with more analytics capability than I've started to fully comprehend. My iphone warns me I need to leave early for an appointment to avoid traffic, the person in the car next to me is being driven by software in a zero emission electric Tesla on autopilot… or is she? I don’t even know!

What I do know is that our potential customer touchpoints have exponentially multiplied and this is “our” opportunity.

Technology is accelerating at such pace, that if you’re not planning now for how your business process’s will interact with every customer touchpoint in 5 years time, including the ones that haven’t yet been created, you’ll be out of the running in 5 years’ time. After all, customer centricity has been the rocket fuel driving advancement in tech and data science. As customer needs evolve with generational shifts, the market has grown to expect, even demand it.

If you don’t evolve your product or proposition to deliver against it, you will rapidly become obsolete as others relentlessly develop and disrupt, winning market share.

At one of our recent leadership events, CIM regional director Maria Heckel asked our audience "who in the room has transformation and change on their strategic agenda?” Encouragingly, the overwhelming majority raised a hand, maybe the remaining few were just enjoying their croissants and bacon baps?

As specialists in interim transformation and change recruitment, we’re often at the sharp end of our clients change agenda and the issues we hear about aren’t unique but for the majority of cases, the issues have already occurred and that’s the issue!

Every business pioneers their own transformation, vision and road map guided by their management consultants, their journey is meticulously planned with milestones defined and a transformation team selected and assigned to deliverables.

Gaps appear… plugged with external specialists, deadlines are shoved back, functionality and adoption targets aren’t achieved leading to efficiency deficits. Communication breaks down as confidence hinders progress and contingent budget is required to rectify the issues that the external specialists warned about on day one. PM’s question how on board the Exec teams are to change as fingers point around the delivery team and their technology partners – resonate with anyone?


The majority of prior change delivery experience including issue resolution will sit with external interim consultants, who, as you'd expect have done this multiple times. Many of the dependencies on a transformation journey are typically common and predictable, so why re-invent the wheel?

Engaging with the transformation and change leads at the outset offers valuable insight and benefits clients with key learnings derived from mistakes already made by other organisations.

As a recruitment partner we facilitate our clients link to the expertise and knowledge that will save time and money on transformation and change – you are not alone.

Cue Michael Jackson ’94 you are not alone … actually, ditch MJ never liked that track, cue Bamboléo (Gypsy Kings ‘88) no reason just a great track (vinyl)

Let’s meet up the old fashioned way and talk about your 2020-2030 Agenda.

Rob Eatwell – Director Interim & Contracts - Transformation & Change Culture Recruitment 0121 272 6494 / rob.eatwell@culturerecruitment.co.uk

Stunning video from MontyMetzger published for the World Economic Forum in Davos and thanks to MartinGirdlestone VerityHart for your sounding board.

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22nd October